The 10 Best U-21 Players in PES 2016

Let's take a look at the best young talent available in PES 2016. Buying the best youth players early is a key to success in Master League ever since the mode's creation.

Top 10 U-21 PES 2016 Players

These are the 10 best players aged 21 or younger in PES 2016 1.00. (PES Master)

Raheem Sterling is the best U-21 player in game, rated 85 as an attacking midfielder. Still at Liverpool in the original game, Sterling convinces with high technique and speed ratings in particular.

New Manchester United player Memphis Depay, who has a similar set of skills, follows on 2nd place (83 Overall). Domenico Berardi (81 Overall) should of interest for all ML enthusiasts out there due to the fact that he plays for a relatively small team in Sassuolo. This fact should make Berardi much easier to obtain than trying to snatch up Sterling and Memphis from Manchester City and United, respectively.

Other insteresting PES 2016 prospects are young defenders Marquinhos, Aymeric Laporte, John Stones and José Luis Gayá, with the latter boasting an impressive 88 Low Pass value, as well as 91 Explosive Power.

Ajax's Richairo Živković (19, 79 Overall) is the youngest in the list of the best 10 U-21 players in PES 2016, which is completed by Lazar Marković and Maximilian Arnold.

Interestingly, the above list of the best young PES 2016 players doesn't include a single goalkeeper. If you wondered, Alessio Cragno is the highest-rated U-21 goalkeeper in the game with a 76 Overall.

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