PES 2016 1080p on Xbox One

PES 2016 will run at 1080p on Xbox One, Konami has confirmed via Product Manager Adam Bhatti.

This means that the PES 2016 Xbox One resolution is identical to the PlayStation 4 version, at 1920x1080 pixels, after PES 2015 on Xbox One only supported 720p.

PES 2016 to Support 1920x1080 on Xbox One

Here's Adam Bhatti's confirmation on Twitter.

Although no PES 2016 Xbox One frame rate has been confirmed yet, there's nothing to suggest that the game will run at less than 60 frames per second, which is the confirmed frame rate on on PlayStation 4. In fact, even PES 2015 ran at 60 frames last year, albeit at a lower resolution.

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