PES 5 Database Added to PES Master

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer / Winning Eleven series, PES Master has added the full Pro Evolution Soccer 5 database, including almost 5000 players and 200 teams.

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In the buildup to PES 2016, released in September, PES Master is looking back at a game which was the penultimate PES game of the PlayStation 2 era, the most successful for the series, and also saw the last inclusion of the Bundesliga in PES.

Top-10 PES 5 Players

This list shows the best ten players in Pro Evolution Soccer 5. Please note that overalls are adapted from PES 2012, which used a similar ratings system.

Steven Gerrard was at his prime, having just won the Champions League and having no less than three stats at 95. Enough has been said about Adriano's greatness in PES 5 and 6, he follows in the 2nd position, ahead of Barcelona's Ronaldinho and Carles Puyol.

Top-10 PES 5 Teams

These are the best ten teams in PES 5, according to overall ratings.

The top-10 teams list in PES 5 includes some familiar names, but also Deportivo La Coruna and Liverpool, who won the Champions League just before the release of PES 5.

Additionally, the PES Master PES 5 Advanced Search allows you to make detailed inquiries about the 5000 players included in the PES 5 database.

See the full PES 5 Database on PES Master

What do you think of the PES Master's addition of the full PES 5 database? Which other older PES games would you like to see included on PES Master? Let us know in the comments below.