New PES 2015 Live Update (March 9 - 15) Released

Today's PES 2015 Live Update covers the last week (March 9 - 15) and includes 19 previously missing transfers, as well as five totally new players.

On top of that, Konami made a huge (temporary) change to myClub that allows to sign top players as 'Quality Loans'.

Player Stats Remain Untouched

As it was already the case during the last few weeks, the update does not affect player ratings.

Player form arrows are influenced by today's Live Update anyway, and Konami tried to reflect real players' form into PES 2015.

The list of players with red arrows includes names like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Sergio Ramos.

New PES 2015 myClub Quality Loans and Special Agent

While the Live Update itself is quite the usual, Konami made interesting changes for all myClub players in other ways.

In a limited offer, a number of high-profile players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Arjen Robben, are available as 'Quality Loans' up until April 2. Up to five players can be signed using this method, while the usual limitations of loans apply here as well.

Additionally, a new Special Agent is available for the next week, allowing players to sign a special range of players that had their face updated in the last PES 2015 Data Pack (4.00), released last week.

PES 2015 Live Update (March 19) - Full Overview