Konami Announce Free-to-Play Winning Eleven 2015 myClub

Konami today released a new free-to-play game named Winning Eleven 2015 myClub in Japan.

While the new free-to-play Konami football game is at the moment only available in Japan and on Playstation 4, it is expected to be released on other platforms and in other parts of the world shortly.

Konami's Adam Bhatti actually hinted about a new title incorporating myClub a few days ago on Twitter:

The new Winning Eleven 2015 myClub game is completely free initially, only a Playstation Plus subscription is required for online play. Ingame purchases of myClub coins, coaches, etc. are optional.

Winning Eleven 2015 myClub Features

  • Basic free version of myClub mode which first appeared in the Winning Eleven full version
  • Offline training mode also included
  • To play other game modes, the Winning Eleven 2015 full version would have to be purchased

What do you think about this step by Konami? Are free-to-play games the future of PES?