Full PES 2015 Database Launched at PES Master

The PES 2015 release is less than a week away and finally the wait is over: the full Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 teams and players database is now available to browse and search at PES Master - Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Database. PES 2015 will be released November 11 in the Americas and November 13 in Europe.

Check out the PES 2015 Database at PES Master

All PES 2015 player and team data available at PES Master was exported from the PES 2015 1.00.01 version, which means the data is not fully up-to-date with latest transfers and lineups. A new PES 2015 patch is expected to be released early next week to update all summer transfers, player ratings and team lineups. Weekly updates will start November 20th and will feature weekly player evaluations and latest lineups for the top leagues.

Full PES 2015 Database

Browse and search the PES 2015 full game database which features 2nd divisions for the first time.

You can browse 17 PES 2015 leagues including the new English, French, Italian and Spanish 2nd divisions as well as try out the PES 2015 Advanced Search to make in-depth player searches.

The full PES 2015 Database is now available at PES Master. More than 350 club and national teams with more than 10,000 players are included in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 database version 1.00.01.

The best players in PES 2015 feature the usual candidates, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimović or Manuel Neuer, who are all rated above 90.

Generally, player ratings in PES 2015 are a lot more varied than before, with Konami making more use of the full 40-99 range, especially for lower level players. During this process, many, especially young players have been downgraded a notch or two too much. Hopefully, this will be sorted in the upcoming updates and DLCs.

PES Master even has the 'real names' for most of the unlicensed fake players and all fake teams (English League, Portugal League, 2nd divisions). Following the player licensing situation with the Brazilian League, PES Master has added all the real names for the Brazilian League players, so you always know who's who in those teams.

What can we expect from the PES 2015 Day One Patch?

The PES 2015 Day One Patch will not only fix all summer transfer issues and latest lineups, but even add a few new teams, including Ludogorets and Maccabi Tel Aviv, who compete in the European competitions this year. More Brazilian League team player licenses are also expected to be added in the first DLC and the following weekly fixes.

The PESMaster.com PES 2015 Database will be outdated shortly with the PES 2015 Day One Patch data and also with the weekly updates throughout the season.

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