PES 2015 Preview Version Includes Only 12 Stadiums

We were watching the short PES 2015 Menu Video from BGS earlier, when we were shoecked by the fact that only 12 stadiums were included in the Brazil Game Show demo version. The PES 2015 preview version embargo was lifted today and it was revealed that it only includes 12 stadiums as well!

PES has now gone from 47 to 20 to 12 stadiumsSince the BGS PES 2015 version appeared to be the complete game otherwise, it's safe to assume that the number of stadiums is representative to what we'll see in the full game. It's also following a trend as last year already saw the number of stadiums drop by 27, when all Spanish stadiums as well as some generic stadiums were lost compared to PES 2013.

PES Product Manager Adam Bhatti briefly tried to explain the problem on Twitter, stating that there was 'no chance from obtaining stadiums', which does not really serve as a satisfactory answer.

Based on this comment and what Adam Bhatti said in the last PES United podcast, it does not seem likely that we could get (many) more stadiums by release or via later data packs.

PES 2015 Stadium List

This is the current PES 2015 stadium list, subject to changes in the full game.

Olympiastadion Berlin
Allianz Arena
National Stadium in Warsaw
Old Trafford
Giuseppe Meazza
San Siro
Juventus Stadium
Estadio Urbano Caldeira
Konami Stadium
Royal London Stadium
Estadio de Escorpiao
Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo

Update: This list appears to be for PS4 and Xbox One versions only, the PC preview version includes 17 stadiums currently.