New PES 2015 Menu Video - Only 13 Stadiums Included

Here's a new Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Video from Brazil Game Show, showing parts of the main menu, team select and pre-match menu screens.

This new PES 2015 Menu Video is revealing some very interesting facts - PES 2015 appears to have even less stadiums than PES 2014 had, which is inexcusable even given the return of stadium editor. We can also see that the Chilean league seems to have been lost in PES 2015, while the licensed French and Spanish 2nd divisions are confirmed now.

PES 2015 Menu Video

This is the new PES 2015 menu video footage from BGS 2015.

Key Points from the new PES 2015 Menu Video
  • The Chilean league is apparently not included anymore, as it was already rumored
  • There are only 13 stadiums in PES 2015 (PES 2014 default: 18)
  • Licensed Ligue 2 and Liga Adelante confirmed
  • There appear to be no new 'surprise licenses' in it, apart possibly some 'Other European' teams