Ligue 2 and Liga Adelante Licensed in PES 2015

French Ligue 2 and Spanish Liga Adelante will be fully licensed in PES 2015 according to files extracted from the PES 2015 Demo on PS3.

As we know for some weeks, upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will include 2nd divisions for the first time. The English and Italian 2nd divisions will appear with unlicensed teams, but licensed players in PES 2015, thanks to the FIFPro license.

Liga Adelante and Ligue Licensed in PES 2015

The PES 2015 license for the French and Spanish 2nd divisions were confirmed by console editors after looking at the PES 2015 Demo files for PS3.

(image by Evo-Web user Txak)

The logos for Liga Adelante and Ligue 1 appeared in the respective files as well as the league names inside the localization string files of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Demo.

2nd divisions will also come with realistic promotion play-offs for the English, Italian and Spanish leagues at the end of the season.

Super Cups will be in PES 2015

National Super Cups were added by Konami for PES 2015 for most countries.

Additionally to 2nd divisions and promotion play-offs, PES 2015 also introduces national super cups for the first time. A super cup is usually contested between the league champion and the cup winner of a season at the start of the next season.

PES 2015 will have super cups in ML for the English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Argentine leagues, as well as for the unlicesed PEU, PAS and PLA Leagues.