PES 2015 At E3 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is being showed at E3 2014 currently and, even tough Konami did not release a single bit of information, screen or video of it, it is playable at the event in Los Angeles (behind closed doors that is!).

People playing PES 2015 at E3 are obliged to not share any impressions from their play test until June 25, which is also the date on which Konami is going to release gameplay footage of the new Pro Evolution Soccer game.

Pro Evolution Soccer's Jon Murphy with Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid)

PES 2015 is on Amazon

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 can be preordered on for €39.99 (PC).

The German Amazon site already has PES 2015 on offer, for €39.99 and without a final artwork yet. Actually, the PES 2015 cover on Amazon is white with the only difference being the revamped PES logo. The new PES logo does no longer feature the bars at the top and bottom, or the starts, while a new font is used for the 2015 part.

PES 2015 Picture

Despite the embargo, there are some informations about PES 2015 that have emerged from E3.

First there's this selfie someone made with two of the PES 2015 developers, where we can see two screens with PES 2015 running on them in the background.

There's also a guy on a Spanish forum claiming he played the game. He says the game is visually mostly the same, but with improved and more fluid gameplay.

Obviously those impressions should be taken with a pinch of salt.