First PES 2015 Teaser Trailer Released

First PES 2015 Teaser Video released - Konami just released the first PES 2015 video via their official Youtube channel.

The slogan for the new PES 2015 Trailer Teaser and probably also for the full PES 2015 trailer and the game itself is 'The Pitch is Ours'. The PES 2015 slogan hints at a campaign highlighting on-pitch experience as main feature of the new PES 2015 game.

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Teaser also confirms the date of the official PES 2015 gameplay reveal as June 25, 2014.

PES 2015 Teaser Trailer

This is the new PES 2015 Video released by Konami under the motto 'The Pitch is Ours'.

The new PES 2015 Teaser Trailer starts with a close-up of a football shirt showing the Pro Evolution Soccer Productions and Konami logos on it.

We then see an anonymous player wearing said shirt and holding a UEFA Champions League ball, the license for the competition was confirmed by Konami's Adam Bhatti some weeks ago.

It then starts to rain, very likely confirming the returning of different weather settings to the game after last year's PES 2014 had only 'sunny' matches.

During the rain, some more shots of the PES 2015 shirt are showed, including a close-up of the inscription on the right sleeve reading 'Dedicated to Football Since 1995' highlighting the rich history of the Pro Evolution Soccer series as well as a 'The Pitch is Ours' writing on the back below below the collar.

At the end of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Teaser Trailer Video a message says the full PES 2015 gameplay reveal will be on June 25.

PES 2015 Teaser Trailer Screens

Check out scenes from the new PES 2015 Teaser Trailer 'The Pitch is Ours'.

What do you think about the new PES 2015 Teaser Video? Are you disappointed about the lack of ingame footage? Let us know in the comments.