2013 Patch - FAQ

"Patch is not working. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is not installed"

Solution: Make sure you are using original game and not skidrow version.

"Can I play online with PESEdit patch?"

Yes. You have to activate online switch before playing online (and to buy the game).

"Is PESEdit patch all-in-one or must I download earlier versions to install the patch?"

PESEdit patches are always all-in-one. Otherwise we would refer that it is not so.

"How to reactivate blur effect?"

Delete unnamed_75.bin in PES 2013\kitserver13\pesedit\img\dt04.img.

"Bayern Munich & Schalke are missing from Bundesliga"

Open the PESEdit selector and use the default switch, using the online switch removes Bayern Munich & Schalke from the Bundesliga league.

"How to remove the soundtrack to have Konamis original soundtrack again?"

Delete dt02.img in img folder and delete songs.txt.

"PES 2013 crashes in Master League and Become A Legend"

Switch to Master League Switch and download latest patch.

"I have standard logos and blue kits but the team names are correct."

Make sure the patch is installed in the game folder. The kitserver is not attached to pes2013.exe. Start manager.exe in kitserver13 folder as admin, choose pes2013.exe and click 'attach'.

"I can't select Bundesliga teams in UEFA Champions League"

This is a weird problem. You can select them in Bundesliga.

"I have black boots in Master League and Become a Legend"

This is the fault of Konami who added the boot boosting and so also the black boots.