WeHellas Demo Patch 1.0 - Update 1.1 Released!

Patch contains 117(!) teams (Full Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, La Liga).

*The first version of this patch just unlocks the teams, making it possible for you to play as them in the game. In following updates there will be included roster updates, kits, stadiums and many new 3D faces!*

Update 1 corrects player faces & team logos

Copy img & unlock folders + wehellas2013-unlock.exe to the PES 2013 Demo directory. Start game via wehellas2013-unlock.exe.



How to install update:
  1. Download AFS Explorer
  2. Right click the file you downloaded and select "Extract to AFSExplorer_3_7". A new folder named "AFSExplorer_3_7" will be created. Open it, and right click and Open As Administrator (especially in Windows Vista or Windows 7) the file called AFSExplorer (it has a little football as an icon).
  3. Press File and choose Import AFS file... . In the drop down list change the "AFS file (*.afs)" to "All files (*.*)". Go to the installed DEMO address (usually C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 DEMO\) and gain access in the "img" folder. From there, choose the img you want to update and choose Open.
  4. A new message will pop-up, you must choose "No" and then click ΟΚ. After the img is loaded, click "Action", and then "Import Folder", choosing the respective update folder (for example, if you opened we0c.img, in this step you should choose the we0c.img folder).
  5. α. If the process ends succesfully, choose File and click Update... . In the drop down list change the "AFS file (*.afs)" to "All files (*.*)". Choose the same img file as before and press Save. You are ready.
    β. If a message pops-up, choose YES, then ΟΚ, In the drop down list change the "AFS file (*.afs)" to "All files (*.*)" and save the file with a temporary name. Choose ΟΚ, and then YES. Wait for the loading to finish and then shut down the program. Delete the file you opened before from the img folder (eg. if you opened we04 then you delete it, or rename it to keep a backup of it), and the file you created before (the file you saved with a temporary name), rename it as the file you want to be updated.