PES 2011 Editor v1.3 by w!ld@

  • fixed exporting of players to CSV from abilities overview form
  • fixed long and short sleeve patch setting
  • fixed SWP position setting in team formation form
  • improved paste PSD stats function ( A/D card setting, removed conversion of special abilities to cards etc. )
  • added kits overview ( kits relink map )
  • added chants overview ( chants relink map )
  • added new "player" type called Team Staff - do not use them as a players!!! ( thx Simcut )
  • improvements in transfer functionality ( allowed transfers with CTRL key pressed for ML Youth, Team Staff etc. )
  • added latest DLC and game update support ( improved changing of versions too )
  • added functions to remove fake player and team names ( marking of players with real equivalent in clubs included too)
  • added function to fill team by free players where players from the end of the Option File are used first
  • improved importing of kit setting from OF2 ( kit slots should be imported too )
  • other small improvements