Spurs licensed in PES 2011!

Videogamer.com have revealed that the second English team to be licensed in PES 2011 is Tottenham Hotspur!

Having last been licensed in PES 2008, Spurs return at the expense of Liverpool FC, with the reason given by Jon Murphy that Tottenham simply did better than Liverpool last season.

“So why aren't Liverpool in this year's game? It's quite simple, really: Spurs did better last season.

"They [Liverpool] had a bad season," said Murphy. "What we have to try and do is to pick the teams that will fit into the top flight competition - the Champions League. It's not a reflection on Liverpool's fan base at all. It's just that we have to try, because we are so limited in the number of UK clubs, we have to make the other areas as authentic as possible."”

Some of you with access to the MLO Beta will have noticed that Spurs are missing from the English league, now you know why!