Miconc Patch RC 1.2.1

How to install:

First of all you need Konami Patch 1.2
  1. Unpack exe winrar
  2. Run the setup.exe
  3. Go to your kitserver folder in your pes folder, run setup exe and install the kitserver on Miconc Patch.exe
  4. Download the update exe and install
  5. Copy the Optionfile into your konami/pes2010/save folder
  6. Enjoy the game!
Instructions for playing:
Before you start the game you have to run Miconc Patch selector, if you want to play friendly or cl mode or other cup modes you have to choose the for for offline.
For playing online choose the 3.
For wanna playing Master League or Bal you either have to chose one if you want top play with German Second League in... or two for Championship in... if you want to play with teams out of those league you must chose the number for the team you want to play with... if you don't want to play with a team out of those leagues it is egal which team you choose (you can chose one out of it which you want it doens't effect, it's only for that you get second league right)

Feature List:
  • 1.+2. Bundesliga
  • Championship
  • All EL+CL Teams
  • Many more teams (Algeria, NewZealand, Leeds United, Iceland)
  • Original boots
  • Original Kits vor all Teams
  • Original Badges
  • Original Flahs and logos
  • Original trainer cards
  • Original player skill cards
  • Original boots
  • 100% correct names for all players (also classic and hidden players)
  • Chants for over the half of the teams (optional download)
  • Original balls
  • Originals Sponsors for all languages
  • New menu cursor (light blue)
  • New aboards
  • New logos for Stadiums
  • Fans now in team clothes
  • Over 200 new Faces and many relinked Konami faces
  • Intro Music
  • and many more things..

Miconc Patch RC v1.2 - Setup.part01.rar (95,8 MB)

Miconc Patch RC v1.2 - Setup.part02.rar (95,8 MB)

Miconc Patch RC v1.2 - Setup.part03.rar (95,8 MB)

Miconc Patch RC v1.2 - Setup.part04.rar (95,8 MB)

Miconc Patch RC v1.2 - Setup.part05.rar (95,8 MB)

Miconc Patch RC v1.2 - Setup.part06.rar (68,4 MB)

All in one

Update RC 1.2.1


If you want to have ingame chants then download the chantpack by gigmuralla, optionfile is configured for it!