A Look at the PES 2015 Stadium Editor

The return of Stadium Editor in PES 2015 was often cited by Konami to explain the lack of actual stadiums in the game itself (only 12 stadiums are currently included on PS4 / Xbox One; 17 on PC).

Konami did not really give away any details of the actual Stadium Editor, before yesterday that is. Yesterday the embargo on pictures, videos and write-ups about the PES 2015 preview versions ended, leading to a massive flood of information about literally everything included in PES 2015.

For Stadium Editor, the new info coming from the PES 2015 preview versions wasn't all that great as it was revealed the new Stadium Editor wasn't really like the one in PES 2013 and 2012, but instead only allowed to adjust a small number of things team-specifically on already included, unlicensed stadiums.

The options for 'editing' stadiums in PES 2015 Edit Mode include changing the grass pattern, the color of the field surroundings, the seat color and the color and design of the goal net (stripes, squares, etc.)

Thanks to Winning Eleven Blog ES, we are able to show you a few screens from the actual PES 2015 Stadium Editor, while the guys will also be releasing a full video about the mode later.