Adam Bhatti Posts PES 2014 Teaser Vids

PES European brand manager Adam Bhatti today released several Vines showing PES 2015 footage. The videos appear to have been taken at Gamescom in Cologne, where PES 2015 will be on display starting next Wednesday.

The first video shows Neymar taking a shot with his right foot which is comfortably saved by Manuel Neuer.

In another video we see Brazil's Neymar take a left-footed shot against Manuel Neuer in goal for Germany. While Neuer is both showing off new licensed Adidas keeper gloves (Bhatti also confirmed the presence of Puma and Nike gloves in the game) and a new diving animation, Neymar's movement is less convincing.

Instead of running up to the ball, Neymar appears to be sliding to it. Movement like this has always been present in the past days of PES, and it looks like Konami have brought it back in order to make much needed improvements to the responsiveness of the game after the dissapointing PES 2014.

The next video shows Neymar up against Schweinsteiger using a trick to feint the German midfielder.

This video shows Hulk controlling the ball, followed by a really bad animation transition and a completely useless trick.

Van Persie controls the ball, his shot is saved by Buffon.

Van Persie has his shot blocked by De Rossi.

Balotelli scores a R2 curler from outside the penalty box.

Reus controls the ball with his left foot and passes it to Götze.

Schürrle chests down the ball and shoots wide.

This next two videos are showing more trick by Neymar.

Philipp Lahm escapes a Brazilian challenge to pass to Hummels.

A Luiz Gustavo shot is saved by Neuer, Hulk rushes to collect the rebound.

Boateng passes to Özil, who controls the ball with his right foot.