PES 2014 Stats System Detailed

Based on the new PES 2014 stats video of the Manchester United starting 11, we can see which new stats were added for PES 2014, which stats were removed since PES 2013.

Stats Overall and Overview

The overall is kept, even though the famous hexagon known from the older PES games has returned to allow a quick view of a player's abilities. A new overall page was added, consisting of 18 attributes for outfield players and 13 for goalkeepers. We assume those values cannot be edited directly, but are instead calculated from the original stats, which we will detail further down. (assumption based on the different font they are using, same one used for the overall)

Outfield players Goalkeepers
Scoring Instinct Physical Strength
Header Covering
Ball Retention Strength in the Air
Elusiveness Long-ball Accuracy
Dribble speed Speed & Agility
Final Ball Marauding
Vision Handling High Balls
Penetration 1-on-1
Work Rate Outfield
Intercepting Consistency
Physical Strength Free Kick
Covering Corner Kick
Strength in the Air Penalties
Long-ball Accuracy
Speed & Agility
Free Kick
Corner Kick

1-99 stats

These are the editable classical 1-99 stats. Most of them are unchanged for PES 2014, while a few new have been added and some have been removed since PES 2013.

PES 2014 Stat PES 2013 equivalent
Attacking Prowess new
Ball Control Ball Control
Dribbling Dribble Accuracy
Low Pass Short Pass Accuracy
Lofted Pass Long Pass Accuracy
Finishing Shot Accuracy
Place Kicking Place Kicking
Controlled Spin Curving
Header Header Accuracy
Defensive Prowess new
Ball Winning new
Kicking Power Kicking Power
Speed Speed
Explosive Power Explosive Power
Body Balance Body Balance
Jump Jump
Goalkeeping Goalkeeping Skills
Saving new
Tenacity Tenacity
Stamina Stamina
Form Form
Injury Resistance Injury Resistance
Weak foot use Weak foot use
Weak foot acc. Weak foot acc.

Added & removed stats

The following talbe shows added as well as removed stats. Please note that Attack/Attacking Prowess and Defence/Defensive Prowess are using similar values in PES 2013/PES 2014, indicating they have similar uses.

The removal of passing speed stats, response, dribble speed and teamwork seems surprising, but we will have to see how it plays out in the game later.

New stats Removed stats
Attacking Prowess Attack
Defensive Prowess Defence
Ball Winning Short Pass Speed
Saving Long Pass Speed


Dribble Speed