PES 2014 Features announced - ML Clubs switchable, Arabic commentary and more

Konami are today holding a PES 2014 community event during wich there also was a Q&A with producer Manorito Hosoda about PES 2014. During the Q&A it got known that players will be able to move clubs and manage national teams in the ML mode. It was also said that the PES 2014 demo date would be announced at the end of the month.

New PES 2014 Info from the Q&A:

  • There will be 3rd kits in the game. It could be via DLC after release, if there isn't enough time.
  • PES 2014 will be 720p (on consoles)
  • PES 2014 licenses will be announced until Gamescom (late August). There will be some surprises, says Adam Bhatti.
  • Prequel data from PES 2013 will not work due to engine limitations
  • PES 2014 has a new stats system using a combined stat page to equate values. There are more goalkeeper-specific stats now.
  • There will be low socks, tight shirts and more emblems slots in Edit Mode.
  • PES 2014 cover star will be announced soon. No more Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • PES 2014 will be on steam on release day.
  • In PES 2014, weather will affect the game, and there will be dirty kits. More about this will be released later.
Additionally, Konami today announced that there would be Arabic commentary in PES 2014 by the commentator Raouf Khlif.