PES 2012 Editor v1.3 by w!ld@

New Features:
  • increased length of the custom stadium name field
  • new player overview window ( better filtering and selectable columns )
  • a lot of improvements and bugfixing in FM converter
  • improved import of players from PES 2011 ( Jaws, Brows )
  • added A-E ratings of player ( formulas by PATe thx )
  • added overall rating of player ( formulas by PATe thx )
  • added Attack and Defence Awareness to the global tweaking
  • fixed bug when used filter "Free face/hair" in "Relink face" form
  • fixed kits configuration file
  • fixed some other bugs in player import
  • attack awareness is not changed when use global tweaking of '1-99 stats'
  • DLC 2.0 support ( thx Tottimas and davidecit )
  • automatic correction of boots index is optional ( see Settings tab )
  • note 1: chants relink still not working for non-generic slots
  • note 2: occasional bug with custom stadium name still not solved