PES 2012 New Features + Screenshots Released!

With PES 2012 Konami continues the dialogue with the fans and tries to improve key aspects of the game according to the players' request. The main focus in PES 2011 is to offer the highest possible level of playability, challange and realism. Following the fans' feedback, the AI has been drastically change to improve it in all aspects. Additionally, teamwork is now a crucial part of being succesful in the game – which makes the game even closer to the real experience.

The trailer was released in Konami's pre-E3 show and gives a great impression of how the new additions will enrich the PES experience.

Active AI: In PES 2012's attempt to recreate the gameflow and fell of a real football team, active AI plays an important role. Players now will not chase every ball, and instead try to make intelligent runs to create free space or to drag defenders out of position. Team members call for the ball, start to run to provide more possibilities for the pass or set of rapid, diagonal runs to surprise the opponents. Midfielders will try to support the ball holder from the back. Active AI will ensure that the natural flow of the game will still be present – each with specific routines for attack and defense. The defense tactic to hold up play, which had been introduced last year, has been improved to provide even greater controll and effectiveness when limiting space for the opposition attack. Playing as an unit plays an even greater role now. The defenders, for instnace, while holding a tight line, will make sure the distance between them will not be exploited, drop back together as an unit and quickly close any gaps which may appear. Individually, thay will also make smarter decisions

Duels: Physical duels are a critical part of the game. The physical strength of a player plays an imporant role and has a great influence on wether a player wins a duel on the field. Depending on a how a player is tackled, he will go down or might be able to stay on his feet – the animations of physical duels have been greatly enhanced.

Graphics: Various graphical aspects of the game have been worked on. The players' facial expressions are now more miscellaneous and the lighting effects have been improved even further. Also, to add more atmosphere various things at the side of the field, such as TV cameras or photographers, are now aniamted and feel more life-like.

Off The Ball Control: A key feature in PES 2012 is the ability to select any player on the field at any time. A new system which allows you to switch to any player using the right analogue stick has been introtuced and allows a much better control in defense and offense.

Referee AI: Since referees are very important for the game flow, they have been completely overhauled in PES 2012 to cause less interruptions. A lot work has been done concerning the advantage rule, the referees will only stop play if it is really necessary and are able to show of yellow cards on later occassions if an advantage was played.

Passing support: Users will now be able to choose how much AI support they want went passing the ball in a scale from one to five.

“We are extremly happy to announce all these improvements the fans have been waiting for“, says Jon Murphy, European PES team leader. “In PES 2012, it is all about combining a real football simulation with a great gaming experience. The trailer shows off many of the improvements of this year's game. However, this is not all we have changed in PES 2012, but we are already excited to hear the fans' opinions.