PES 2012 E3 Trailer & Presentation + PESEDIT Analysis

Brand new E3 Trailer by KONAMI, also shows some minutes of Seasbass talking and a short message from Lionel Messi.

PESEDIT had a closer look at the video and presents you the biggest improvements of this year's PES.

Improved atmosphere:

KONAMI hinted at this some month ago and now we can see the result. Moving camermen, fans wearing their team's shirts and a lot of other off the field stuff being animated.

More emotions:

The players are reacting extensively to what's happening on the field. While we think it might be exaggerated at parts it's surely a great addition to the game.

Improved graphics
Another thing we can see on the Pique pic are the improved shirt details. The wrinkels and light effects on the shirt look a lot more realistic than in the 2011 edition.
The whole graphics have not been changed a lot, but what has been changed was certainly an improvement.

We can't say too much about the actual gameplay but what we see in this video in terms of animations and ball phyiscs certainly does not look bad at all. There are some very interesting gameplay additions we could spot in the trailer, like the France player holding up play cleverly before laying it off for the shot.
Off the ball runs were present in the video as well and looked quite impressive but it's too early for a prediction, we feel.

Better nets:

KONAMI got rid of the strange nets which have been there ever since next gen. In this pic we made just after the shot of Bent vs Spain you can see this perfectly.