All National Teams 2011 Patch by Tottimas & Boca

  • Over 200 National teams
  • 30 balls
  • 30 backgrounds
  • Real kits for all teams, real referee kits
  • Over 340 new faces, real referee faces
  • Correct location of all teams on the world map
  • Correct fan colours, correct banner language (where possible)
  • Stadiums assigned to all teams
  • Chants for over 30 teams + new generic chants for other teams
  • New grass for all stadiums.
  • All languages supported, all team names and competition names correct in all languages (team names taken from Konami's nationality names, any team name mistake is Konami's)
  • Different net types to chose from (located in ANT 2011 folder)
  • Install the patch to default PES folder (make sure the path is correct or the patch will not work), then install fix.
  • If you play on 16:9 resolution you might want to use scoreboard fix, located in ANT 2011 folder.
  • NOTE: This patch does not influence any other patches you have installed, i.e. you can have this together with any other patch (e.g. PESEDIT) at the same time
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5