2011 Patch 0.5 - Important Info

Hi folks,

I'm concerned about some comments from you in the last days and weeks.

Let's start with a recent example.
I just checked the latest comments and found this one:
for the Announcement post of the newest patch.
I'm not sure wether you are aware but using an uppercase font is meant to represent shouting and doesn't really appear in a friendly way towards me.
This leads to the first point, you guys should finally start reading our announcements and the big readme pdf, which are both already updated for the 0.5 patch. As you can see there is no single word about Serie B which means it isn't in, as easy as that. I'd say about 95% of your comments could be solved by reading our texts, which is quite a sad number as it seems our work on writing announcements and readme files is quite in vain.

Another point is the constant complaining about the lack of the 2. Bundesliga in the patches that were already released as well as complains like
The player names for 2. Bundesliga are not correct!!!!11!
As some of you maybe know, I never wrote 0.4 had the complete 2. Bundesliga, if you read carefully it says partial 2. Bundesliga, which is what you get in the patch. If you are not able to understand the English language use a translator tool, there are tons on the net.
Additionally, notice this, I never lied in any of the patch readmes or feature lists, you're complaing about features that were announced (in your assumption) but missing in the actual patch, then you did something wrong during reading, or even worse, forgot reading.

I suppose some guys just have serious problems, whatver kind they are of.
Just to quote a few:
If this is their (PESEDIT) full time job, they are doing a really bad job!
Wtf, another useless patch, I won't download this piece of shit without 2. Bundesliga
These are just two examples for endless posts of a similar aggressive pattern which annoys me and the rest of the team.
We are just human beings after all (tho what we achieve is out of this world ;-D ) and while creating something as awesome as this patch for free you should show even more respect towards us.

As an explanation, I never announced 2. Bundesliga for any specific patch. I want to inform you that 2. Bundesliga was completely remaked from PES 2010, appearences, stats, rosters, all is brand new. You get the best ever 2. Bundesliga experience ever in this patch - for free.
This was a tremendous work which I want to thank the team and 2 exterior helpers, Chris (not christopher ;-) ) and pogoss, who helped with appearences.
Creating fantastic stuff takes its time and that's why you get the full 2. Bundesliga just now, more than ONE month after the release of the game.
Anyway, I don't want to be sarcastic now, just would like to let all the complainers and haters know, if you want things to be done faster, then help us, any help is welcome.

To close this little excursion, I want to direct some words to a guy most of you probably don't even know - EULINHO.

-> Do your own patch, but never ever again post a patch as your work which is just stolen from PESEDIT.

Thanks for your attention.