2010 Patch 4.0 - Boots Detailed!

These are the new boots in patch version 4.0:
Nike CTR 360 Black-Cyan, Nike MV Superfly II Cactus-White, Nike T90 Laser III Red-Black-White, Nike T90 Laser III White-Silver-Blue, adidas adiPURE Blue-White, adidas Predator X White-Blue (CL), adidas adiPURE White-Black-Red, adidas Predator X Black-Cyan-White, Puma Power Cat 1.10 Black-Red-Silver, Umbro Speciali White-Gold, Reebok Instante II Pro Silver-Blue

Alongside these new editions you will of course find the 'old' boots which you already know from 3.4 and World Cup Patch.