2010 FIFA World Cup Patch - Announcement

The FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa is starting shortly and the PESEDIT Team have a special present for you! Set to be released on thursday we today proudly announce the 2010 World Cup Patch, the perfect patch regarding realism and world cup fever.
We wondered how we could further improve the nearly perfect 'normal' 2010 Patches and we came to the conclusion to change simply everything to make it the best patch ever for Pro Evolution Soccer. We tried to represent the special world cup atmosphere by tweaking every little detail (like faces, boots, menus, music, stadiums) to match the real experience, but on the other hand not to forget about the 'normal' patch, which means the World Cup Patch will be mainly focused on South Africa 2010, but you will still be able to play the normal modes like Master League or Become A Legend, even Online mode.
The patch includes a world cup themed menu, special music, the official FIFA Scoreboard (thx to ninuzzu) as well as official World Cup flags for the national teams.

The official features list:
  • Uses official Konami DLC 1.07 and included faces and kits
  • All correct squads and numbers (including the latest changes like Nani replaced by Amorim)
  • All new menu in yellow and red colors
  • Correct stadiums (Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit ...)
  • Correct World Cup groups when starting the cup
  • New World Cup styled flags for all national teams
  • Newest world cup boots added and assigned to correct players (Adidas Predator X Black/Sun, Adidas adiPure III Black/Sun, adidas adiZero all colors, Puma v1.10 Tricks, Puma PowerCat 1.10 Tricks, Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra White/Navy, Nike Elite Range)
  • Correct kits for all teams, including many possible combinations to choose from
  • Correct faces for most players + relinked special hairs to edit players for more realism
  • Many new faces created by PESEDIT Team specially for this patch
  • Newest hairstyles for all players
  • and more things I might forgot...

The main menu

What do you prefer? Vs. Com, vs. player or custom match settings? Zakumi wants to know it ;-)

Match settings screen: Simply amazing ;-)

The World Cup Menu

Correct groups: The patch creates the correct groups automatically.

Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban: The World Cup Patch will include a life-like representation of the well-known stadium with the characteristic arch.

Music: Official world cup songs as well as some hot dance tracks

Edit Mode screens

Updated numbers and fonts for African Puma teams, Honduras and some more...

Special PESEDIT faces (more will be announced later)

Ah yes, Tévez has his correct shirt name, "CARLITOS"