PES 2010 Editor v2.1 by w!ld@

New Features:
  • added import of commentary and market price from the OF2
  • player comparison ( player can be compared to the OF2 player, 3 modes included
  • by player's name, ID or OF index # )
  • improved conversion of positions from PSD
  • fixed bug in export from overview window
  • added XML tweak file recorder ( no more boring XML writting in text editor )
  • fixed bug in removing of player from team ( thx GOAL )
  • updating of weight, height and position in multiple FM update are optional
  • full DLC 1.06 + 1.07 support
  • new merge tool with delimiter setting
  • added support for relink of extra faces in dt0f.img file ( define count of extra slots in editor.exe.config )
  • added function remove callnames for all players
  • import emblems from OF2
  • team import from OF2 via context menu ( 4 modes
  • players, formations etc. )
  • added option file configuration ( editor remembers team nationality and type of team
  • national, club etc. )
  • more tooltips
  • more functionality from the context menu ( swap players, adding prefix or suffix to the player names, clear or fill team with free agents )
  • updated callname list ( thx GOAL )
  • updated growt type list ( thx joserruiz )
  • configuration files moved to CFG folder and .CFG extensions were added
  • added simply logger of exceptions
  • global adjustment of growth types
  • global setting of attack/defence awareness based on player's stats
  • added intstaller
  • other minor changes, bugfixing, code clean-up