Konami Secure Copa Libertadores Licence For PES 2011

Konami have signed a deal which means the Copa Libertadores, the South American equivalent of the UEFA Champions League, will appear in PES for the very first time.

Containing the very best teams from across the continent and Mexico, this news is sure to please fans across the world.

“KONAMI announced today that it secured the videogame rights for the world’s renowned South American Cup, known as CONMEBOL’s “Copa Libertadores” and entered into a License Agreement.

Copa Libertadores is the soccer tournament run by CONMEBOL and this is going to be the first time ever in videogame history to reproduce the South America’s highly recognized tournament in the game.

“Winning Eleven” series already carried “UEFA Champion League” mode, which is the championship tournament to decide the No.1 club team in Europe and South America. This is the first videogame to provide both tournaments all in one in the game.

KONAMI plans to utilize the right of Copa Libertadores for the Winning Eleven series with a new mode so that players can use the same team as the real tournaments.

KONAMI will continuously work with the franchise to add more depth to the realistic football game experience and relay the exciting momentum as well as aim to contribute to the football cultures. ”