2010 Patch 1.1 *Important Note*

  • Based on Konami Patch 1.2 and offcial downloadable content
  • New exe files instead of bat files (work on windows vista and 7)
  • Fixed bugs from last version (CD Nacional kits, wrong player faces)
  • Updated transfer values for Bundesliga players
  • Transfers for other league teams
  • New puma national team kits
  • Updated Classic Teams including real kits
  • Updated Russian and Greek names, correct names for the new national teams
  • New tunnel logos
  • New Debrecen kits
How to install:
  1. Uninstall kitserver and delete the kitserver folder and the start menu folder of the patch
  2. Download and install PES 2010 official patch 1.2 from here
  3. Install 2010 Patch 1.1
  4. Start PES 2010
Important note:
The switch file for BAL is not needed.
Just use the ML file for both ML & BAL.

Better explanation how to use the switch files:
  • BAL mode: Click Master League (sorry for the confuse); only first time, until you created a savegame)
  • ML mode: Click Master League; only first time, until you created a savegame
  • Online mode: Click Online before you start PES
  • When you created your savegame or played your online matches, reset the files to default by starting Default

Download little fix 1.11: