PES 2010 GamesCom Questions & Answers

Here are the answers regarding the questions you sent me over the last days. Have a nice read and keep in mind that things can always change especially stuff like little problems or bugs of the game.

1 Is there a power gauge when passing?
There is 'normal' passsing on cross and manual passing on the right stick.

2 When will the PES 2010 demo be released?
Konami did not announce a date for the demo, but the full game will be released on 22nd of October. The demo can hit one month before it, maybe later.

3 Are penalties different?
Penalties are now from the chosen gameplay camera angle, means if you e.g. selected 'wide' cam, the penalty will be shown from that camera as well.
The way penalties are controlled is also different. The longer you press the analogue stick in one direction the further does the ball go from the middle of the goal. With the shot button you can control how hard you want to shoot the ball (by the same principe). To be honest I'm not 100% sure about that and we didn't manage to score a penalty as both went far off the goal...

4 Did the keepers improve?
Yes, for sure. They are much better in coming out of the goal and it is much harder to get past them as in PES 2009. They are also better in clearing shots and faster when jumping.
About fast throwing from the keeper I can only say I did not see it. Maybe it was not in the build or you have to use a special button combination to perform it.

5 Did they remove problems like freezing after freekicks and did they implement new problems?
Freezing is gone, so is auto tackling, passing and shooting. (make sure to use semi-assisted or manual)
Some problems that were not in PES 2009 were e.g. that the response times were a tiny bit worse what has to do with the new animations.
Something else occured at throw-ins. They removed the invisable walls around the thrower so you can move freely there. At the moment that only works if you play together with a human, because the AI is not able to move though the barrier is gone. (you should be able to see that in our videos)

6 Did they change the goalnets?
No, goalnets are the same as in PES 2009. They removed the classical sandbags though and replaced them with normal bars.

7 Are there new varies in freekicks?
No, same as before.

8 Is it really harder to score goals?
Yes, scoring is much harder, due to the improved defending AI, the weakening of paced attackers like Messi and the better goalkeepers.

9 Are 'Henry-shots' possible?
Yes, shots with the inside in the farer corner of the goal are in and look nice.

10 Can you actually use scissor/bycicle kicks?
Yes, I scored a nice scissor kick goal with Ballack.

11 Did they improved lobs?
I would say yes, but I have to admit I did not really look into this...
I tried one lob which was punched over the goal by the keeper though.

12 Which German teams will be in?
This is not official but people are saying all CL and EL teams, i.e. Wolfsburg, Bayern, Stuttgart, Hertha, HSV and Bremen.

13 Is the referee chosable?
No, same as in PES 2009.

14 Is it really possible to score goals after counterattacking, when the goalie was throwing/shooting the ball?
Partly. There were counter-attacks after stopping attacks of the opponents (especially against Barca, as they were very offensive), but not in particular because of new goalkeeper movements.