Summary Of Today's PES 2010 News

  • Overally slower game (faster than FIFA 09 though)
  • Less time on the ball, means more passing-based game
  • Lofted and flat through-passes are not really powerfull if you don't have a really good passer, like Xavi or Fabregas for example
  • Much better keepers
  • Better response time on the ball
  • New penalty system (based on Wii version)
  • Penalties and freekicks more "analogue"
  • New tacticts system using sliders from 0-100 (support range, compactness, defensive line, pressing, attacking style, defensive strategy)
  • Players flood the area depending on the player who's at the wing (i.e. good crosser will cause more players entering the area)
  • Defenders can be zoned individually or instructed to push on
  • More balanced referees and better use of the advantage rule
  • Some new animations (e.g. stop/accelerate for certain players)
  • More ways of chesting, trapping and quick-turns (e.g. 180° turns)
  • Many animations still to be built-in (e.g. Messi's Mo-Caps)
  • New dynamic lightning system
  • Crowds in full-3D
  • Player comparisons between PES 2009 and 2010 show much improvement
  • Use PES 6 online system as base and tweaked it
  • Online updates for transfer updates
  • Champions League playable online
  • No more use of "Konami ID"
  • Hosted on Sony servers (PS 3)
  • Bundesliga fully licenced
  • Primera Division is fully licenced again
  • All qualified Europa League teams licenced
  • Manchester United and Liverpool are the 2 EPL teams again
  • French, Dutch and Italian leagues fully licencend
  • Some more surprises to come
  • Possibility to untuck/tuck shirts in Edit Mode
  • Same commentary, but more scripts
  • No more PES points but real currency in Master League (ML)
  • Become A Legend (BAL) players can be used in ML
  • Champions League and Europa League are implemented into BAL and ML
  • More awards in BAL
  • New card system instead of current "Special Abilities"
  • No visible loading times
  • Ability to auto-select starting-11 by condition, ability and balance
  • Lots of new player-specific goal celebrations
  • Many new stadiums, with Anfield already being confirmed
  • No more auto-sliding and auto-shooting
  • No more freezing after freekicks and penalties
  • No more "simple-settings" in the formation settings (now with sliders, read above)
Additional info:
  • Build was at 50%
  • Only Liverpool and Barca to choose
  • PSM3 played 3 games until they scored their first goal (against "normal" difficulty)